Recently I am working with Oracle database and I want to see the list of tables and views. As we all know its not as friendly as SQL server. So I want to connect (Linked Server) the oracle to SQL SERVER for quick view of the data. Here are the steps I followed to setup a linked server. (I’m working with Oracle 12c and MSSQL 2008 R2 STD)

1. Install ODAC 12 (Oracle Data Access Components) Download from:

  • Extract file and run setup.exe

  • Select language > Next

  •  Select option: Use Windows built in Account

  •  Specify  an  Oracle base path to place all Oracle software and configuration-files.

  •  Select 
    • Oracle Data Provider for .NET
    • Oracle Providers for ASP.NET
    • Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server
    • Oracle Data Access Components Documentation for Visual Studio

  • Next

  • Click Install

  • Complete

2. Reboot
3. Create linked server

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Right click on “OraOLEDB.Oracle” under Server Objects -> Linked Servers -> Providers and select Properties
  • Check to Enable “Allow inprocess”
  • Right click on “Linked Server” and select “New Linked Server…”

On page General:– Linked server: <any linked server name> (ex: CONNECT_ORACLE)- Server type: select Other data source          + Provider: Oracle Provider for OLE DB          + Product name: <any> (ex: OraOLEDB.Oracle)          + Data source: //Server-IP:port/SID (ex: // Security page:Select option: “Be made using this security context”Type remote login username and password for oracleRemote login: <username> (ex: oracleuser)Password: <password> (ex: oracleuser)4. Select oracle data from SSMSSELECT * FROM [LINKED SERVER NAME]..[SCHEMA].[TABLENAME]EX: SELECT * FROM CONNECT_ORACLE.[ORACLEUSER].[TEST]

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